Another feature which I am super excited to offer is our new Marketplace for crafters on the The Scarlet Maiden site! It’s going to be so easy for crafters to sell on this site. The shop manager is super easy to use. You just register as a shop owner using the form on this page and get access to the store manager. As a store manager, you control your listings and inventory. We have an amazing dashboard (shop manager) ready for you!

How does it work? Basically like etsy. As a shop owner on the marketplace, you add your listings and control everything through the shop manager dashboard. When one of your items sells, you will receive 70% of the list price (that’s why I suggest marking up prices to cover commissions), any sales tax and shipping. The 30% you don’t receive covers the referring affiliate’s 25% commission and 5% which goes to the site.

One way for you to keep more of the money is for you to sign up free as an affiliate as well. That way, you can refer folks using your affiliate link and any sales you get of your items, you keep 95% of the listing price (the 70% of the listing price and 25% affiliate commission). Any other items that you generate sales for earns you 25% commission.




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